Charlie Saunders

Throughout our country’s history, there have been many threats to the ways of life of Maine’s working class. In our world of large scale capitalism, the modern worker must be flexible and be able to work in many different conditions and places. But for some industries, like the fishing industry, this is not possible.  Laborers in this industry are tied down to certain bays and waterfronts to make their living and require the ability to freely access these waterfronts when needed. But a new challenge faces our Maine fishermen; people from out of state who have recently bought up much of the coastal property in Cundy’s Harbor limit water access available to the fishermen.  This adds strain to an already precarious economic situation for the people who depend on water access for their livelihood.

In Cundy’s Harbor, a retired fisherman named Charlie Saunders has seen this first hand, and shares his perspective.
Interview and story by Will Teufel at Harpswell Coastal Academy, 2016, in collaboration with the Holbrook Community Foundation and Galen Koch.