Bill Mangum

Bill Mangum is the property manager for the Holbrook Community Foundation. Throughout his childhood, he would spend summers visiting his friend’s home where they would spend a lot of memorable time on Holbrook’s Wharf.  Twenty years later he learned that the wharf was going to be demolished so he joined the Holbrook Community Foundation to keep the wharf viable and safe for years to come.

Currently, the Holbrook Community Foundation is facing challenges with their well due to an overflow of water containing high levels of manganese and iron.  Thanks to Bill’s ingenuity, a temporary solution to this problem has been put to good work.  This solution is the implementation of a reverse osmosis system.   Now Bill is considering alternatives because a large amount of mussels have made their homes in the system’s pipes.  Listen to our narrative to hear the whole story and find out how it concludes.
Interview and story by Sam Hadjaissa and Anna Rose Marcotte at Harpswell Coastal Academy, 2016, in collaboration with the Holbrook Community Foundation and Galen Koch.

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