Charlie and Gail Johnson

This story is about Ship to Shore owners Charlie and Gail Johnson. This couple reminiscences about family memories in Harpswell. Charlie Johnson, a multigeneration Harpswell resident, met Gail as a teenager and convinced her to stay. Together they have left their impact on the town of Harpswell.

Interview and story by Paige Booty & Taylor Washburn at Harpswell Coastal Academy, 2015. In collaboration with the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust and Galen Koch.

3 thoughts on “Charlie and Gail Johnson

  1. Hi my name is Walter Lewis,
    I would like to say hi to Gail and Charlie, I worked on Charlie on his sword fishing boat Powhaten back in the late 80s I was just 17 at the time, there where some boats from the united states which came to my home town Harbour Grace Newfoundland. He was and I’m sure still is a good Skipper, I remember visiting Portland and Harpswell, I sailed there on Charlie’s boat one trip, I remember Chip ther son took me around to show me how beautiful it was there and very nice people,
    Also a great story told by both. It was nice to hear ther voices again and knowing Charlie is still fishing as I have read in another post. Best regards….. Walter.


    1. Hi Walter,

      Thanks so much for the comment and for sharing your story. Charlie and Gail were generous to share their time and stories with our students. I do not have contact info for them, but they own a small convenience store in Harpswell called ‘Ship to Shore’ and I am sure you get in touch with them by calling the store.

      Thanks for listening,
      Phelan and Harpswell Stories Team


      1. Thank you for the info.
        I will surely try and get intouch with Charlie and Gail.
        I noticed a. Typo in my first comment sorry. Best regards Walter…


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